A great attention and dedication

That's who we are.

Artisan company born from the passion for sport and specialized in the production of articles for the award since 1978. The company produces and distributes a wide range of cups, glass trophies, resin and ceramics, plates (for sublimation and not sublimation) and also key rings, medals, ribbons and cases.

A great attention and dedication

The attention to customer needs and a constant search for innovative materials and attractive design have allowed to achieve, over the years, optimal results by gaining experience and professionalism. Each have is offered a new catalog, rich in high quality items.


The customer has always been in front of everything

The company policy is to supply a single retailer per area in order to ensure the exclusivity of our product. Our customers are an integral part of the company and we are ready to serve them in the best way with the possibility to customize the items in the catalog or to study new ones based on their ideas and needs.